Best American Mushrooms Available In the Market

Costa Rica Mushroom

The Costa Rica magic mushroom provides a slow and warm spiritual and visual experience. Among the psychonaut community, it is well known for extending warm energy to the users along with mild visual hallucination. Deep social connection and a feeling of love are also experienced. The Costa Rica mushroom is an excellent choice for those who have just started as well as for experienced users. It has constantly been reviewed as a versatile strain. Those who have used it have claimed that it suits all occasions and situations. This particular variety has been rated as providing the brightest trip one can ever think of. The hallucinating effect includes seeing a sky made of leaves or realizing that your legs are gradually growing longer.

Colombian Rust Mushroom

The Colombian rust mushroom, also known as psilocybe cubensis Colombian, is almost three times more potent than any other varieties. Within hardly thirty minutes, you will feel that the walls around you are starting to bend and then dance around you. You may see something like a red heat from behind that might be difficult to understand. You may raise your hand and touch one only to find that your entire hand starts glowing red. The growing time is slightly longer, but that's justified since it's good value for money. The caramel caps are large and coloured. They contain a considerable amount of the hallucinogenic compound psilocybin that can provide a lot of joy to even the most experienced hallucinogen aficionado. Those who take it find themselves surrounded by fireflies and walking on air. Sounds such as shouting and music are common effects.

Cubensis Mushroom

Though there are many psilocybin mushrooms, the psilocybe cubensis mushroom is perhaps among the most popular. It happens to be the best cubensis strain for visuals. It grows naturally in many areas of the United States as well as in Australia. These are well known for home growing and have become famous as a species that grows on its own quite easily. It can thrive even in sub-optimal conditions. Also, these are pretty strong against changing environmental conditions.

Amazonian Mushroom

Amazonian Cubensis is a potent member of the psilocybe cubensis mushroom. While these grow naturally in North America, they are abundantly found in South and Central America. The purpose of its use is both ceremonious and recreational. It is among the more potent members of the Cubensis family, and the duration of its effect is between 6 to 8 hours. The Amazonian Cubensis has got entheogenic properties, and so it is preferred by numerous indigenous cultures that seek spiritual enlightenment.

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